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Please visit the Boba website for detailed instructions on how to use this carrier

Boba Carrier Instructions

The Boba 4G, with small useful zip pocket at the front of the carrier on the waistband. We have two colours: Tweet (brown with green leaves and birds) and Soho (black with red, pink and white patterned panel). Boba Soho has a matching stuff bag and the Boba Tweet has a black stuff bag. Suitable from birth to toddler 3.2kg- / 7lbs-45lbs The insert adjusts to two different positions allowing children to grow into the carrier - when snapped, the integrated insert lets newborns (7-10 lbs) sit higher up, while the second position leaves the insert unsnapped so a slightly bigger child (11-15 lbs) rests lower in the carrier but still higher than the base. DSC02861 DSC02899 Instructions: newborn hold Front carry for Boba carrier Instructional video: Boba newborn hold using the Boba Infant Insert How to breastfeed wearing the Boba 4G: Made with the help of mountaineering professionals in Boulder, Colorado, USA (thus the name "BO-BA" from BOulder BAby Carrier), the Boba 4G carrier is built so babywearers around the world can continue to enjoy the great outdoors with their growing babies, from birth to pre-school - the perfect carrier for babywearing families!

Compatible to most body types, the Boba 4G fits heights 5’0-6’3, has a waistband range of 25” to 58" However, the Boba 4G works especially well with petite frames.

Features: -removable sleep hood, -breastfeeding buckle, -3 built-in pockets (zip pocket in front of hip belt, zip pocket in front of panel, open pocket on hip belt) that are great for on the go storage for small items like cash, mobile phones, pacifiers or keys. How to get baby onto the back, from the front carry by Wrapyouinlove Boba's website