Oxford Sling Library

This is the Oxford Sling Library MyTurn website where you will find our most up-to-date and comprehensive listings of all our items for hire.

Babies love to be held. Make your life easier by using a sling or carrier safely. Your baby will feel secure and snug. Parenting will be a tiny bit easier as a result. Your child will get their primal needs met and this can help with their, and your, emotional, mental and physical well-being and development.

Tuesdays in Grandpont
South Oxford Family Room
2x sling fitters.

Wednesdays in Wheatley
at The Maple Tree Children’s Centre.
1x sling fitter only & 1x admin.

Thursdays in West Oxford (monthly)
at West Oxford Community Centre.
3x sling fitters.

Fridays in East Oxford
at Flo's, Rymers Lane, OX4
2x sling fitters & 1x admin.

WHAT TO EXPECT from slings and baby carriers:
Amazing feeling & sense of Attachment to their primary caregivers. Science has proven that this is beneficial to forming strong healthy relationships later on in life. Great for everyone!
Breastfeeding/Bonding friendly. Learn how to use slings as a breastfeeding aid, or best positions for bottle-feeding. Everyone gets to bond with baby and baby gets to see the world with you, watch your interactions, learn and process the world around them.
Cuddles/Comfort - carrying your baby or toddler gives you both extra snuggle time.
Doing - get lots done or go for a walk. Enjoy the options!

All hires are subject to our Hire Agreement and latest version of our Terms and Conditions. Your baby's safety is paramount. Please check on your baby frequently. Thank you.