4-Storch, Anna In Stock Now

Woven wraps are material woven on a loom, specifically for use carrying children, from newborn through to toddlerhood. They take a bit more learning than other carriers but once you get the hang of it they are very comfortable to use and incredibly versatile. Woven wraps come in different fabrics and sizes. Our library stocks most 100% cotton and one cotton/wool blend wrap. We have size 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 available for hire (2.7 to 5.2 m in length).

The most popular first carry is the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). Size 4 woven wraps are usually too short for a traditional FWCC but can be used for one modified as shown below (Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum, FWCC TUB).

Additional Carries for a Size 4 are: Kangaroo tied under bum, Robins Hip Carry, Poppins Hip Carry.

Anna colour (text from website Storchenwiege website
Anna is considered the most vibrant of all the Storchenwiege fabrics.

The base color is a rich crimson red. The other colors are woven in with our unique technique in stripes including crimson red, orange, tangerine orange (looks like hot pink in the picture to the left) , subtle lime green, and dark violet. The violet and green are the center third of the wrap and is a balanced contrast with the warm colors which exentuates them. It is bright and colorful. It brightens up any bodies day. It looks good wearing a boy or girl and for a mother or father.

The stripes and the unique weave fabric of the wrap around baby slings are helpful in finding the correct tightness for your childs comfort and safety.