Ellaroo, blue (RS22) In Stock Now

Produced in Italy, elegant design, hand woven Guatemalan fabric. Lightweight brushed aluminum rings and an open tail combine for maximum adjustability and versatility.
Designed to cup the shoulder and spread naturally over the back, keeping baby secure and close to your center of gravity. Perfect for newborns, nursing, and hip carries.
Wearing tips Success with any baby sling takes a little practice.

You can ease the process by making sure that baby is fed, rested, and happy before you try the Ring Sling the first few times. It won’t be long before you will both turn to the Ring Sling for comfort.
You should hold baby in the position that you and he prefer, and tighten the Ring Sling around him until you can remove your arms without losing the position.

The most comfortable and secure position for baby is above your waist, snug againstyour body. If baby is hanging too low, you will most likely feel some pain in your back. Baby will acclimate to the Ring Sling much faster if you walk around while he’s getting used to it.
Care instructions Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang in a well-ventilated area to dry.The Ring Sling is not pre-washed. Extra dye will bleed from the fabric the first few times it is washed. Wash separately,and rinse thoroughly. Do not let soak.