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The Buzzidil baby carrier is a very adjustable carrier available in 3 sizes,
babysize (0-18 months),
standard size (2-36 months) and
XL (8-48 months).

The front panel is very easy to adjust and change the size of, there is no velcro or poppers or complicated systems. The width of the panel is reduced via a system of two toggles on the front panel which also reduces the height. There is an additional adjustment on the top of the panel to further reduce the height if needed.

Unlike other baby carriers there is no steps in the adjustment of this carrier but one smooth transition fitting your baby perfectly at all times.

You can do front, back and hip carries and the straps can cross on your back if desired, thus appealing to a wide range of aanatomies.

In a nutshell

  • Suitable from 0 to 18 months approx
  • Grows gradually with your baby without fixed increments, thus you can get a perfect fit
  • Ergonomic M-shaped position of hips
  • Avoids pressure point on the spine. For young babies under 6 months the straps can be connected onto the waistband to avoid pressure point on the spine.
  • For older babies and toddlers the straps can be connected onto the main panel
  • Easy adjustment of the front panel through toggles
  • Front carries, back carries and hip carries
  • Crossable or ruck straps at the back
  • Woven wrap material

Features of the Baby Carrier

  • ergonomic position; for small babys (< 6-8 months) shoulder straps can be connected to the waistband to avoid pressure on babys developping back
  • for toddlers with advanced development of their back (> 6–8 months) shoulder straps can be connected to the front panel: weight is evenly distributed between hips and shoulders of the person carrying the baby.
  • woven wrap material
  • padded and adjustable shoulder straps,
  • shoulder straps can be used in various ways (parallel or crossed over your back – just as it is more comfortable for you)
  • structured hip belt distributes weight of your baby from your shoulders to your hips (especially when shoulder straps are connected tot he back panel of the carrier)
  • Made in Europe
  • High Safety standards
  • Quality material in line with strict Austrian quality regulations
  • Duraflex quality buckles

Baby carrier dimensions

  • back panel grows steplessly (width: 21 – 43 cm | 8.3 – 16.9″, height: 32 – 42 cm | 12.6 – 16.5″),
BBuzzidil uses quality material only (sling wrap is mainly woven in Austria according to the strict Austrian quality regulations; for shoulder and hipbelt Buzzidil uses mainly organic cotton being tested for their resistance to saliva; Duraflex quality buckles). To prevent manipulations of the buckles on the shoulder straps by toddlers and accidential opening, Buzzidil baby carrier uses 3-point-security buckles. The Buzzidil Babycarrier is patented.